Otter River and Mountain Sports was born in the Spring of 1992, not as a shop but as the experience and lifestyle lived through paddling. We discovered the river that year and were determined to pursue the river lifestyle. We returned to our homes in the Northwest and found that we had left the greatest whitewater state in the country, Idaho. By the Fall of 1995, we had established deep roots in the Inland Northwest paddling community and felt it needed something more. The face of whitewater paddling was changing and the Inland Northwest was getting left behind, there was a need for new and energized direction.
Otter River and Mountain Sports is our extension of the river lifestyle. For us, paddling is all about the experience. Kayaking is that epic road trip or that class V shuttle. It's an after work surf session and a brutal hike-in creek run. Paddling is all about sharing a brew with friends around a camp fire and sharing rolling tips in the swimming pool. Kayaking is all this and more.
Otter River and Mountain Sports is our super cool little shop with tons of soul. We are not a huge internet corporation, it's just Kira, Jason and a bunch of really supportive friends. Our goal is to share our experience and passion with you, make some new stories and friends and still manage to paddle 150+ days a year. Everything you find in our shop we use ourselves, or it wouldn't be here. We want to help you paddle better. We want to help you paddle more. But most of all, we just want to paddle. Live long, paddle hard!!!

Jason & Kira

Otter River and Mountain Sports

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