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Hey, I am your not so humble webmaster! Thanks for coming to the site and check'n out my bio. I am sure that you have better things to do than read about me. So click on the "Catalog" button and look at some cool gear!
Home: Internet
When Not Paddling: Working on Otter-Sports.com
Most Proud Of: My sons Chip, Robbie, and Ernie. OOPS!!! No, that is what the dad from "My Three Sons" is most proud of. How about Otter-Sports.com!
Advice: Don't sweat the little things, be there for your friends, get out and ride, and quit wasting your time reading my bio!
Favorite Creek/Run: Salmon River
Favorite Playspot: It's a secret.....But, Pot O' Gold Hole on the Salmon rocks too!
Best Thrashing: When Jud got thrashed at Dead Dog. That was nasty!!! REVISED>>> During the 1st Annual Spokane River Festival at Corbin Park I got some serious down time and ended up the hospital for awhile, but I clenched 5th place with only one ride!
Admirations:I admire people that don't work and get to play all the time.
Creek Tip:Take it easy, don't attempt anything past your limit, no matter what the women watching you look like.
Rodeo Tip:Watch what I do, and do the opposite! And get yourself a nice little Disco, Trixster, Prankster, Saiko...hell get all of em!
Other Sports:Snowboarding, teleboarding, downhill mountain biking, teleskiing, puddle bopping, sleeping (oh wait, I never sleep, but I am good at it when I get to), and midget tossing...

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