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I started paddling in 1992 and from the moment I felt the river surging by, I knew it would change my life. Since that cold and rainy day in April on the Upper Sacramento in Northern California, the river has been a source of energy, inspiration and guidence. Whether its a soul surf session with friends, a solo play day, or a creek run deep in a canyon, kayaking is a intimate experience for me. Live long, paddle hard!
Home: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
When Not Paddling: Running Otter River Sports
Most Proud Of: Otter River Sports
Advice: Have Fun!!!
Favorite Creek/Run: If I told you, I would have to kill you. However, you will find it in the E-Guide soon!!!
Favorite Playspot: V-Wave, Kootenai River, Montana
Best Thrashing: I'll keep you posted!
Admirations:Corran Addison for doing his own thing. My paddling buds, for putting up with me.
Creek Tip:Keep your eyes on your line and off of what you want to stay out of.
Rodeo Tip:Sit Tall. Technique before power.
Other Sports:Snowboarding, Telemark Skiing, Rock/Ice Climbing, Mountain Biking

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