2001 "You Can Paddle Days" Free Demo Tour is coming...
by Jason, ORS 18-Apr-2001 02:14 PM

Once again, "You Can Paddle Days" sponsored by
Chevy Trucks and Otter River and Mountain Sports,
featuring Wave Sport, Wilderness Sytems, Mad River
Canoes, Trinity Bay and Voyageur is coming to town.
 Saturday April 28th from 10 - 4pm at the North
Idaho College Beach just West of Campus at the
mouth of the Spokane River will be your chance to
try the latest and greatest in whitewater kayaks,
recreation kayaks, touring kayaks, sit-on-tops and
canoes.  For more info, call the shop at
208-769-7275 or e-mail info@otter-sports.com  See
you there!  
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