Lets play NAME THAT WAVE !!!!!!!!!
by Hoffer 7-Nov-2001 09:14 AM

Over the past year or so, the wave by the ymca
has had a few names,
1) The wave by the ymca.
2) Walk on the wild side.
3) The ZOO wave.
4) The toilet bowl wave.
5) Thin white line. (thanks Dave t.)
6) PEARE"S wave. (is it spelled right?)  
  How about a vote on 11-29-01 its a 
Thursday. I will post a Voting section, 
names optional? or save it for the winner??? on
the 29th there will spot for you to vote.  
  A little history. The parking lot area use to
be the walk in the wild zoo. anybody other
history might help.
        Chris Hoffer 
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