Indoor Pool Sessions!
by Richard L Hartman 29-Nov-2001 04:59 PM

Do you find yourself holding back because the
river water is cold? Are you "waiting until
Spring" to start practicing that new move? Do you 
miss the after-work kayaking now that it gets
dark so early? Feeling guilty about that layer of 
dust collecting on your expensive equipment?

If any of this sounds familiar, treat yourself to 
some indoor kayak pool time at the Valley YMCA.
Every Wednesday, 7-9pm, $7, no reservations
needed. Just show up with your equipment and jump 
right in. They're very kayaker-friendly and the
facility is huge, clean, and safe. Squash those
family arguments by bringing them along to enjoy
the hot tub, kiddie pools, and indoor water

If you're an instructor, they're happy to have
you use their facility for your lessons. They
still get their $7, so they don't care if you're
making money while you're there!

Now there's no excuse for "hanging it up until
Spring." Let's keep those skills sharp through
the Winter!

See you Wednesday nights!
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