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Wave Sport Y
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Y leads the way among new generation creek boats, with features for safety, maneuverability, and fun. If you're facing steeps that make you look for a climbing rope, you want Y. Y is designed to help you stay out of trouble spots, while maximizing your fun. Wave Sport started with a compact, symmetrical 8'2" hull for agility and predictability. Y's volume is carried to the ends for pin-resistance. Add sharply defined rocker to the short hull and you get a creeker that's easy to boof. When the pucker factor drops and your thoughts turn to play, Y is ready. The hull features the trademark Wave Sport planing surface, for easy surfing and spinning. A large cockpit opening allows easy entry and fast exit. Bow and stern security bars - a Wave Sport first and industry innovation - are standard equipment on all Wave Sport boats.
length 248.9 cm 8'2"
width 63.5 cm 25"
depth 32.4 cm 12.75"
volume 276.3 l 73 gal
weight 18.6 kg 41 lbs
paddler weight 54.5 - 118.2 kg 120 - 260 lbs
paddler height 152.4 - 198.1 cm 5' - 6'6"
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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Q: Can volume numbers be used to accurately compare kayak models from different companies?
A: No. Every designer uses volumer differently. Some times the volume is carried in the kayaks deck, some times in the hull. Volume distribution affects the way a kayak and its parting line interact with the water. Kayak length also affects this interaction. Volume alone will tell you very little about the design without other aspects of the design taken into consideration. Within one manufacturers line, volume can be used but don't compare apples and oranges.
Q: Is body posture important in kayaking?
A: YES! Body posture is one of the must important elements of good paddling technique. Good posture keeps your kayak trimmed out in the water and more predictable. Good posture provides a better platform for edging, torso rotation and lower/upper body isolation, also all very important skills.

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